Ayurveda and holidays in Arillas - Corfu
Arillas is a beautiful village situated in the north-west corner of Corfu Island. It is a unique place with six meditation centers, that offers a wide range of seminars, retreats, festivals, concerts, singing circles, dancing, etc. The beach is clean and the sea is turquoise and clear. There are good restaurants and various little shops. In this joyfull environment you find relaxation, meditation and peace.

Ayurveda Cure BodySoul Retreat - from May to October
It consists of 5 or 7 days of a light detoxing program, starting with an Ayurveda health consultation, followed by daily body treatments and fresh prepared meals by myself. At your arrival, we will design a daily program according to your intention. It is a hand to hand journey for couples, for you alone or with a friend.

The benefits:
- To slow down and be more BodySoul connected.
- Feel nourished, deeply relax & rejuvenated, more focused and loving.
- If you would like to change your eating habits, I would be please to support you in finding out the best food for your constitution.
- Ayurveda tips for daily life, recipes, related links and inspirations.

A daily schedule can be like this:
-  7.30 ~ 8.30     meditation practices  (optional)
-  8.45 ~ 9.30     breakfast (gluten, sugar, dairy free) and going for a walk
- 10.15 ~11.30   massage / herbal treatment
- 12.00 ~13.00   tea and resting time
- 13.15               lunch and Ayurveda tips for daily life
- After lunch you have time for yourself and the dinner you can have in one of the good restaurants I recommend.
- We can have some nights with meditation and massage exchange for couples or friends. (optional)

Your investment:
5 days: Euro 600.-  / 7 days: Euro 770.- excluding accommodation.

Arillas links for accommodation:

Let me know about your plans as soon as possible and if you need help to find accommodation and transportation in Corfu.

I am also available for individual sessions in Corfu at Veda House of Ayurveda - Arillas. https://www.facebook.com/nishaayurvedaarillas/