Abhyanga - The traditional ayurvedic massage
The whole body is massaged with warm biological oils. It nourishes the skin, releases toxins from the cells and tensions in the tissue. Abhyanga Massage brings a profound relaxation to the body and the mind.

CHF 150.-- / 90 – 120 min*

Champissage - Abhyanga back, neck, head massage
Champissage is very helpful to soothe tension and pain in the back, neck and shoulders. It helps with headaches and will ease conditions such as sinusitis, colds and migraine. It relaxes the eyes, improves the memory and the sense of hearing.

CHF 130.-- / 75 min*

Padabhyanga - Ayurveda foot and leg massage
The session starts with a warm foot bath, which naturally induces a sense of wellbeing. Both feet and legs are softly massaged. It relieves insomnia and nervousness, improves circulation and vitality on the legs.

CHF 130.-- / 75 min*

Pinda Sveda
The body is first massaged with warm herbal oil and then stamped with a warm small cloth ball, filled with rice and specific Vata calming herbs. This treatment gives a profound sense of nourishment and a deep regeneration of the nervous system.

CHF 160.-- / 120 min*

  • All the prices are for Switzerland