CHF 560.-- incl. shower after massage and tea after each session (Price for Switzerland)

Package I: 3 Massages + 1 Nutrition and Herbal Counselling
90 min - each Massage
60 min - Nutrition Counselling

Package II: 4 Massages
90 min - each Massage

Package III: 3 Massages + Pinda Svedana or the Soul Voice Work*
90 min - each Massage
90 min - Pinda Svedana or Soul Voice Work*
*Now I am integrating in the Ayurveda packages, The Soul Voice Work*.

A healing system based on prayers to awaken the inherent healing power and wisdom in every being.
The prayers are created in the moment and they are the voice of your heart. I support you in speaking out your true healing prayer, with the help of the Sanjeevini healing cards that are specific to heal body parts, body systems and diseases. Also cards to awaken and nourishes values like honesty, forgiveness, confidence, enthusiasm, abundance, gratitude, dharma. As well, cards to transform and integrate feelings as fear, guilty, anger, worries, indiscipline and much more.

- Empowerment of the heart & soul connection through the revelations of your prayer.
- Gentle healing on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.
- Conscious collaboration on the healing process.
- Awakening of deeper trust, gratitude and self love.

CHF 130.-- / 75 min*
This session can be done via Skype, it is my experience to have the same amazing results.

“ My experience with the Soul Voice Work* has been the most incredible effective. The power of heart focused intention and devotional prayer is a healing cosmic seed. It awakes, gives profound insights and heal in a gentle deep way.
If you are or if you wish to be on the path of love awakening and conscious living, the Soul Voice Work is a gift for oneself and for sharing with loved ones. I am forever grateful for everything and for everyone that made this system available.”

If you are wishing to go deeper into your sexuality life force and feminine nature this session is for you. It can benefit women in all ages, including teenagers. I can support you with feeling stuck emotionally and sexually, difficulties with self-love and trusting life, challenges in relationship and how to integrate spirituality in daily life. Whatsoever you bring, it is an opportunity to look at the wisdom behind it.
The massage is done on the floor with conscious and gentle sacred touch, stretchings and breathing techniques. We work specially on the chest, breasts, abdomen and hip area. It is a full body massage or on a specific part of the body. It can be done with clothes or without. I combine Ayurveda Ancient Wisdom, Shamanic Nature Wisdom and  Chakra Breathing to activate the healing power of Prana.
We will integrate sexuality and pleasure as healing life forces to awaken the Sacred Body Alchemy Wisdom. It is not a Tantra Sexual Massage. It is based on my practices with the Awakening Women Institute.

- Clearing energetic emotional, sexual e mental blocks.
- Feel grounded and more connect with your sexuality.
- Have more clarity and wisdom for moving forward.
- Understanding your sacred body alchemy.
- Learning practices to transform challenging emotions.
- Feel held and connected with womanhood and sisterhood.

CHF 180.-- / 120 min*   
I recommend 4 sessions for the benefits to unfold = CHF 600.--

  • Price for Switzerland


🌺 “I am committed to support you to experience positive healing and transformation. Still, you are fully responsible for decisions and actions based on the results of our work together. I am not affirming that my work will directly heal, cure or change your current situation. It all depend on how you engage and dedicate yourself to your healing process.”
Nisha Ackermann. 🌺