Special discount offer as a package of 4 sessions, 1 or 2 times / week.
It gives you a deeper connection and clarifications on your physical / mental and emotional bodies. Also you get a boost / an uplift of energy for daily life.
I support you to get clear on the next steps you need to take for a healthier and happier life.

Package I: 3 Massages + 1 Nutrition and Herbal Consulting
90 min - each Massage
60 min - Nutrition Consulting

Package II: 4 Massages
90 min - each Massage

Package III: 3 Massages + 1 Sanjeevini Healing Session*
90 min - each Massage
90 min - Sanjeevini Healing Session

CHF 520.-- incl. shower after massage and tea after each session

Voice of the Soul Sessions - The Power of Intention and Prayer
A healing system based on prayers to awaken the inherent healing power and wisdom in every being.
It is composed by 324 Sanjeevini healing cards, specific to heal body parts, body systems and diseases. Also cards to awaken and nourishes the values as honesty, forgiveness, confidence, enthusiasm, abundance, gratitude, dharma. As well as cards to transform and integrate feelings like fear, guilty, anger, worries, indiscipline and much more. All values and feelings are honourable guests of our human nature. I greet and welcome each one of them with the same respect and love.

“ My experience with the Sanjeevini Healing system has been the most incredible effective and mind blowing! The power of heart focused intention and devotional prayer is a healing cosmic seed . It awakes, gives profound insights and heal in a gentle deep way.
If you are or if you wish to be on the path of love awakening and conscious living, the Sanjeevini system is a treasure gift for oneself and for sharing with loved ones. I am forever grateful for everything and for everyone that made this system available.”

More info: http://www.saisanjeevini.org (English) / http://www.saisanjeevini.com (Deutsch)