CHF 520.-- incl. shower after massage and tea after each session.

Package I: 3 Massages + 1 Nutrition and Herbal Counselling
90 min - each Massage
60 min - Nutrition Counselling

Package II: 4 Massages
90 min - each Massage

Package III: 3 Massages + Pinda Svedana or The Sacred Voice of the Heart Healing Session*
90 min - each Massage
90 min - Pinda Svedana or The Sacred Voice of the Heart session*

The power of intention and prayer to align body - mind - soul.
In this session we will use the Sanjeevini Healing Codes** to create a prayer ritual for yourself. The codes addresses body symptoms, mind and emotional distress, also codes to awaken and nourishes values like honesty, forgiveness, confidence, enthusiasm, abundance, trust, gratitude, dharma. As well, codes to transform and integrate feelings as fear, guilty, anger, worries, addictions, trauma, chock, etc.

The prayers are the voice of the heart, intuitively we pray the longing for healing and integration. I support you in speaking out your true prayers, holding the space with an open heart and reverence.

- Empowerment of the heart & soul connection through the revelations of your prayers.
- Gentle and profound healing on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.
- Conscious collaboration on the healing process.
- Unveiling of deeper trust, gratitude and self love.

Price: CHF 100,-- / 60 min - 20% goes to UNHCR Refugees Agency - https://donate.unhcr.org/
This session can be done via Skype, it is my experience to have the same amazing results.



“ My experience with The Sacred Voice of the Heart* has been the most incredible effective. The power of the heart focused intention and devotional prayer is a healing cosmic seed. It gives profound insights and heal in a gentle deep way.
If you are or if you wish to be on the path of love and conscious living, this session is a gift for oneself and for sharing with loved ones. I am forever grateful for everything and for everyone that made this system available.”- Nisha

The power of prayer and conscious intent when merged with water have the capacity to create our chosen realities for our body, mind and soul. The Beauty and Love of Nisha’s soul essence infuse this powerful process with a sense of personal empowerment to change and transform, heal and rise towards a higher, wiser and more expanded version of ourselves. I am forever grateful for your presence and dedication to a path of love beloved Nisha and the gifts you so generously share with us.
Sophia Michalopoulou, Aquatic Perinatal Therapy & Education
Conception, Pregnancy & Birth Doula

I had the opportunity to experience the prayer sessions with Nisha as well as her bodywork.
I estimate so much her sensitivity to feel through the body and to reach out to the parts where treatment is needed. I love her gift to perceive also our energetic body, and including it in the beautiful healing space, she offers.

The sacred prayer work with Nisha feels for me like a meeting between time and space.
Nisha warm and loving heart is the company in this journey. We enter  together in a vast sphere, beyond limits, stepping into a place of beauty and truth, deeply connected to the essence of being.
Here our inner wisdom takes the lead, exploring longings, needs, testimony.
For me, it feels like sitting by the fire in an ancient place, where we create our medicine.
The prayers  nourish my heart and give me power and clarity to face the daily life in its various challenging versions. Thank you beloved sister.🌺 Katja Stepputat - Photographer


*The Sanjeevini Healing Cards/Codes were created by a woman healer in India, under the instructions of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. (www.saisanjeevini.org)

🌺 “I am committed to support you to experience positive healing and transformation. Still, you are fully responsible for decisions and actions based on the results of our work together. I am not affirming that my work will directly heal, cure or change your current situation. It all depend on how you engage and dedicate yourself to your healing process.
I trust the healer in you and in me. We are all healers.
Nisha Ackermann. 🌺