Special summer cure program - the PITTA season.
Summer brings heat, long days of bright light, lightness and the body gets more relaxed and expanded.

How this affects us?
Depending on our body constitution the summer season, may support us in our internal sense of harmony, or it may aggravate our innate emotional/mental tendencies and physiology. We can feel inspired and enthusiastic or tired and irritated for example.
To improve the state of balance, Ayurveda give us dietary choices, by adjusting our diet, herbs, Pitta yoga to ground us in our body and lifestyle tips.

Personalized Ayurveda Summer Cure: 4, 6 up to 10 days in Kriens
The cure is a combination of Ayurveda light detox routines at home, with massage treatments at the praxis. The aim is to reset the digestive fire, to increase energy and vitality, to relax the nervous system & calm the mind. Also to bring more awareness to your health with the best food for your constitution.

You will receive 2 - 3 Ayurveda treatments per week, a nutritional counselling that includes, 1 Ayurveda meal freshly prepared with organic ingredients.

CHF 140.-- / treatment, shower, tea and detox cooking tips (90 ~120 min). More than 4 days the price is 120 CHF.
If you are working, I offer also some weekend possibilities.

It is possible to come to your home for treatment and Ayurveda cooking together. If you are interested, please contact me. 

Looking forward to meet you.