Welcome to Ayurveda Touching Body and Soul.
With almost 30 years working with people, I have learned and developed a profound sense of listening to the body, deep trust in my intuition, and the capacity to hold space in loving presence. It is an ongoing learning, not separated from my daily life, where I practice to embody and embrace myself in love and compassion.

Based on Ayurveda, I integrate bodywork techniques with intuition. From deep tissue work, to gentle silent touch and shamanic energy work, I support you to open and relax deeply into yourself. The release of tensions in the body, in the mind and emotions flows naturally. I use my voice as a healing call to the soul and meditation to ground us in the body and to calm the mind.

"Massage is an act of love, as we surrender to it, we create a sacred space where multidimensional healing happens naturally." 

I am offering,
Ayurveda BodySoul Massage and Ayurveda Cure programs in Liestal / Kriens, Switzerland and in Corfu, Greece;
Sacred Body Alchemy Sessions and Soul Voice Work in Switzerland, Corfu and in Brasil.

I am honored and grateful to share this work with you.