Welcome to Ayurveda Touching Body and Soul.

Over 30 years of practical experience, I have learned and developed a profound sense of "listening" to the body and deep trust in my intuition.

Based on Ayurveda that gives me the foundation of the 3 Doshas on how to work with the body - mind and its interconnectedness with subtle layers and the greater cosmic mind.
In a session I integrate the Vedic approach as Ayurveda life style and nutritional counselling. I also integrate holistic massage, deep tissue work, gentle silent touch, mantras and prayers. This creates a beautiful silent space of reverence.

"Massage is an act of love, as we surrender to it, we create a sacred space where multidimensional healing happens naturally." 

I am offering,
Ayurveda Body&Soul Massages
Ayurveda Body&Soul Holiday Retreat in Corfu
The Sacred Voice of the Heart session
Embody Bliss Retreat for women

I am honoured and grateful to share this work with you.